Queen Elsa of Arendelle Coronation Dress Construction Notes

(by Yuuri-K)

*click on the pictures to make them larger
*For references I recommend looking here: http://frozencosplayreferences.tumblr.com/

V1 base wig was bought from ebay. It was a little too thin so I added wefts later on to make it look fuller. *New* V2 wig I bought a Hestia 22″ natural blonde curly wavy wig from Epic Cosplay Wigs (pictured left). It was easy to work with because of the fullness. The wig is heavy so I use spirit gum to prevent it from falling back. I watched this tutorial to help me style the wig.


I used Super Sculpey, shiny silver paper, and shiny blue tulle for the diamond.

I drafted out my own pattern and sewed an invisible zipper to the side. I used ocean depths cozy flannel. All the designs are embroidered by hand and there are some sequins and beading done. Underskirt is bought.


I modified Simplicity 2400 pattern B and used ocean depths cozy flannel. The embroidered designs on the back and front were all done by hand embroidery. I added a few pink sequins to my liking. Plastic boning was used, but I’m not totally satisfied with the fit.

WP_20140626_005 WP_20140629_003☆Turtle neck long sleeve blouse
I drafted my own pattern and used velvet. I added a clear stretchy thread finger loop at the end of the sleeves. There’s a separating zipper on the back. The teal and pink designs are done by hand embroidery.



I drafted my own pattern. I made three panels for the cape. I bought my fabric from ebay. I wish the color was darker, but this will do. It is lined with royal purple posh lining. For the purple bias I used a velvet fabric. The designs on the bottom of the cape are flannel appliques attached with heat n’ bond. Rim of brooch made out of Super Sculpey and painted with splendid gold dazzling metallics acrylic paint (by DecoArt) and glazed. A capri blue 25mm rhinestone (Brillance by Bead Treasures) was glued on the middle of the brooch with Gorilla glue. The brooch was attached via magnets. *New* To my liking I added pink rhinestones to the cape.

I drafted my own glove pattern. I used a stretch fabric, two-tone taffeta, and interface. For the designs I went the easy way and painted them on with a mixture of Ceramcoat North Sea acrylic paint and textile medium.

I started off with red flats and painted them with a mixture of acrylic paints and textile medium. The thigh highs were bought.





9 thoughts on “Queen Elsa of Arendelle Coronation Dress Construction Notes

  1. Lovely!
    I just wonder: How did you make the bun stay in place? All the wigs I have tried to make a bun with it just falls back and out of place so I’m not sure how to make it stay when it’s finally time to order my wig and style it. x__x

  2. Oh my gosh this is amazing, I don’t think I can recreate this but it’s the best I’ve found so far. I can’t believe you embroidered all that by hand, its amazing. Hats off to you!

  3. I’d really like in detail on how to make an Elsa dress for my niece it would be a wish she’s had since she turn 3 and she’ll be 5 in October. It would be greatly appreciated.

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