The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Princess Zelda Royal Dress Construction Notes

(By Yuuri-K)

I hope to fix this costume someday. It was a very fun project! Big inspiration from Layze Michelle and A Smile And A Song Cosplay. Below are progress photos.

Lacefront wig base is from CosplaySalon, I did not have time to dye it and style it as I wanted. Anime Elf Ears are from Aradani Costumes, I used their site tutorial  to paint the ears and how to apply it. Alpha girl lashes are from Rouge & Rouge. G&G GBT Green eye contacts are from Pinky Paradise. Silent Princess Flower was made by my boyfriend. I modified a XL long white pleated skirt from ebay, added a underskirt underneath, and tulle (I’m planning to redo this part). Casa satin matte satin blue fabric from Jo-Ann was used for the blue dress and top. Casa satin stretch satin red was used for the lining of my sleeves and collar. I modified a McCall’s M4490 C pattern for the blue dress. The blue dress has a velcro connection on the front. I made my own pattern for the blue top and sleeves. The blue top has a separating zipper on the back. I made my own gold trims for the sleeves and hem of blue dress using 4-way stretch gold metallic spandex from Spandex World. The gold bottom symbols on the blue dress and sleeve symbols were heatn’ bonded (ultrahold). Sleeve symbols were cut out using a X-Acto #1 knife, Z series (I used a self-healing cutting mat underneath) from Amazon. Once the sleeves were done it was hand sewn to the top’s sleeves. For the white corset I patterned it to a bodysuit with a velcro closure (velcro is not strong enough to close, so will use snap-buttons next time). 4-way stretch spacer white fabric from Spandex World was used, lined with the same fabric for thickness and designs were topstitch following patterns on a tissue paper I made (I recommend not using marker on the tissue paper – it got on my white fabric). Zipper was applied to the back. I patterned the blue dress top petals, hip belt, waist belt, hand gold accessory, arm cuffs, and chest symbols.  The patterns were traced onto the Darice foamies 2mm roll and 6mm bulk (chest symbols). Cut out with scissors or X-Acto knife.  4-way stretch gold metallic spandex and YayaHan 4-way pleather gold fabric (used for arm cuffs, tiara, and hand gold accessory) were cut out slightly bigger to the pattern. Dap Weldwood contact cement (1 pint bought from Amazon) was applied to the foam and backing of the fabric. Wear a respirator! I let it dry for a few minutes then pressed and stretched the fabric onto the foam. For the tiny details I used the end of a painting brush to press down. The waist belt’s wavy trim was heat’n bonded to the blue fabric that was cemented onto the belt. Cheap round gems were rub’n buffed silver, then painted with metallic gold acrylic paint, and cemented onto the waist belt. Triforce buckle was made out of 2mm foam, sealed with Plastidip black aerosol (bought from Amazon), painted with metallic gold acrylic paint, and weathered a bit with black-brown paint with a dry brush, wiped of excess, and then varnished. The triforce buckle’s and tiara’s gems are made out of hot glue and painted with metallic acrylic paints and varnished. The foam pieces are connected via Velcro, except for the chest symbol and blue dress top petals were hand sewn to the blue top. 4-way stretch spacer white fabric were used for the gloves. I used a modified pattern for the gloves, the finished gold accessory was hand sewn at certain spots, and a gold ring was made out of gold metallic spandex and hand sewn to the glove. The gold hem plates at the bottom of the blue dress was quickly done using YayaHan 4-way pleather gold fabric and I painted the design with a stencil I made (I’m planning to fix this part).