FFXIII-2 Serah white mage construction notes

(by Yuuri-K)

*click on the pictures to make them larger
*Note, I made my own patterns
*Bow-blade and wig info found here

white mage wip

  • Dress
    I used Stretch Hemp Rayon 2 x 1 Rib Knit Natural fabric. It’s very stretchy and has a snugly fit to my body, no zipper was used for this outfit. I lined the dress with the same rib knit fabric and I connected a hood to the dress. The hood is lined with Kona Cotton Peach fabric. The peach looking arrow detailing on the hood was ironed on with heat n’ bond. I sewed the peach bow on the middle of where the hood starts. The bottom of the dress has a small peach skirt which I hand sewed some parts of the small skirt to the main dress. Lastly, the peach fabric was sewn on to the sleeves by cutting out triangle shapes on both fabrics – I don’t like this part. At the bottom of the dress I made my own scallops. I punched holes with an eyelet plier. I recommend using a stretchable black string to go through the holes. I had a hard time moving around because the string I used wouldn’t stretch. Wrist cuffs are made out of the same fabric as the jacket. I did not want to make a long sleeve shirt under the dress, the dress is already warm as it is.


  • Midriff Jacket
    I used Wool Suiting Moss Green fabric. To get the puffy sleeves I recommend searching tutorials on the internet, I won’t be explaining this part. I finished up making the base of the jacket first and cut out a slit on the sleeve (you could see a detailed view above). I then used pliers for the eyelets (I used rub n’ buff gold for the eyelets) and string a thin ribbon (painted with a mixture of silver-green metallic acrylic paint). Square Enix always has crazy immense details, so I couldn’t get all the “flowery details” on the jacket. I tried getting close up shots when playing the game, but it was never close enough. I used Tulip fabric paint for the flowery details. I drew the details on foil first, paint it silver-green metallic, cut it out with an exacto knife, then glued on to the jacket with Krazy glue. You can also try painting it directly on the jacket instead of using the foil method. The middle rectangular piece on the jacket closes and opens the jacket via Nickel Sew-On Snaps. This rectangular piece was first created with craft foam for the raised details to show up and covered (by hot glue) with a brown-green fabric I had lying around. The wooden buttons were made using DAS clay (I used an exacto knife to make the grooves), Mod Podged, painted with brown metallic paint, weathered, and glued on with Krazy glue. The little line detail on top of the wooden button was made with hot glue and then painted with silver-green metallic acrylic paint.
  • Turtleneck Top
    I made it into a small turtleneck tank top because I did not want to make this costume warmer. I used Tencel Jersey Knit Dark Grey fabric and heat n’ bonded the details (I used same fabric used for the jacket). The top connects via Velcro.


  • Armlet
    I used craft foam for the armlet. For the grooves on the brown band I used an exacto knife and cut out a strip of craft foam for the raised detail (hot glued on). I then painted the band with brown metallic acrylic paint, weathered, and then varnished. The next piece on top of the brown band is sort of upside down heart shape in my opinion (I wore it wrong, ignore that it’s not upside down). To get it a little rounded I heat up the craft foam and put over an object that’s round. For the raised details I used craft foam and hot glue it on. I painted with silver-green metallic acrylic paint, weathered, varnished, and then hot glue it on to the brown band. The armlet connects via Velcro.



  • Belt
    I used craft foam and faux leather. I painted the leather with textile medium, silver-green and light peach acrylic paint and punched holes with an eyelet plier. The gold details are made out of craft foam (same technique used as the armlet), Mod Podged, painted with gold acrylic paint, weathered, and varnished. The belt connects via Velcro.
  • Thigh High Stockings
    I didn’t have enough fabric. I used the same rib knit fabric from the dress. For the top shape I used craft foam and sewed it on to the rib knit fabric. The peach fabric strip was heat n’ bond to the rib knit fabric. Serah wears dark grey pantyhose underneath the thigh stockings. I wore grey Spanx that worked out fine.


  • Knee Armor
    I used cardboard for most of the armor and raised details with craft foam. Mod Podge first and I don’t remember what paints I mixed for this armor, but I think I used a mixture of yellow, peach, silver, and green acrylic paint. Then I weathered the armor with brown paint, not black, and varnished. The armor should move with gold fastener I added, but I painted and varnished when the top half and bottom half were together… which made the armor immovable. I used leather painted strips (Krazy glued on to the armor) and buckles for the knee armor to hold around my leg, but it was too loose. Next time I wear this outfit I’ll add Velcro on the armor and stockings so it stops slipping.


  • Boots
    I cut out old boots I had and Krazy glued on craft foam details and used Tulip fabric paint for the tiny details. I couldn’t see all the details in the game, so I came up with whatever looked nice. The boots are painted with a mixture of silver-green metallic acrylic paint mixed and textile medium, weathered with brown paint, then varnished.

5 thoughts on “FFXIII-2 Serah white mage construction notes

  1. Hi! This is beautiful artwork you did and I love Serah’s white Mage outfit most of all. Is it perhaps on sale?

  2. Would you guys by chance be interested in making this again? I’d definitely pay well for it! ^-^ this is incredible!!!

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