The Secret World of Arrietty

Untitled-3Worn: Otakon 2012

Arrietty costume: The dress was pretty much simple to make. It’s made of leftover red jumbo spandex fabric from Asuka’s plugsuit. The belt (round buckle made out of Sculpey and painted with silver acrylic paint) and bag were made out of fabric I found inside my fabric bin. The only fabric I can name is the white neoprin I used for the bag. I bought rope at Ace hardware store. The needle is made out of a wooden dowel I sharpened at the end and at the other end a wooden round sphere was glued on with gorilla glue. The wooden dowel was spray painted silver and the sphere was painted with mod podge, yellow acrylic paint, and varnish. For the giant peach-pink clip I used a large laundry clip as the base and covered it with craft foam by hot gluing the foam to the base. I then modpodge, painted with a mixture of acrylic paints, and varnished the clip. The little side details of the clip was done with hot glue. I then made a spring in between the clip out of Sculpey and painted with silver acrylic paint. These reference and diagrams from my bf helped me in making the clip: image1 image2.The wig is extremely heavy, I have to wear several bobby pins and lots of spirit gum so it won’t fall off. The giant peach-pink clip was hot glued to the clip-on ponytail and then the clip-on ponytail+peach-pink clip were hot glued to the base of my wig. Surprisingly the hot glue held. I got the wig from CosplayDNA. -Yuuri-K


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