THE iDOLM@STER (anime)

Untitled-1Worn: Otakon 2013

Ami lemon costume: The lemons were made with the help of my bf. He printed out lemon patterns and we cut them out and hot glued them to shape. I then painted them with yellow acrylic paint and varnish. The dress was weird to make, it goes at an angle according to the refrences. I used yellow flannel for the dress and stuffed swiffer wipes inside the long pockets. The lemon slices on the chest were made out of cardboard, craftfoam, and hotglue. Then painted with modpodge, acrylic paint, and varnish. I sewed on a blue bead in the middle of the lemon slices. The tiny lemon hat is made out of 4-way stretch yellow vinyl and there’s thick foam inside to keep its shape. It stays on my wig with bobby pins. Old croc shoes were painted with light blue acrylic paint mixed with textile medium. Note, for the thigh high socks one does go higher than the other. -Yuuri-K

Chihaya grape costume: For the grapes I used smooth styrofoam balls from Hobby Lobby which I cut in half then painted with metallic purple arcylic paint and varnish. I had a cardboard inside the completed dress in order to hot glue the grapes. That way the dress can stretch while I glued on the grapes and the glue wouldn’t touch the back of the dress. For the beret I used thick foam and covered it with black satin. The leaves are made from felt with details drawn on with gold puffy paint and the stem is craft foam. I used red necklace beads I didn’t wear anymore and painted them with blue arcylic paint and varnish. -Yuuri-C


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