hamburger skaterWorn: Otakon 2013

Hamburger Skater costume Ami and Mami: After Shiny Festa we decided to do another group cosplay! The whole group decided on what fabrics and patterns to use. The patterns (mostly modified) include: Simplicity 3689 (Misses’ cheerleader outfit), 3847 (Misses’ costumes… hat in three sizes), 1918 (Misses’/Miss Petite pants), 3911 (Misses’ lined vest), and 1941 (Misses’ blouse with sleeve variations). Fabrics include: White, Tango Red, Medieval Blue, Royal Blue (for skirt) sew classic bottomweight rodeo cotton and fashion bottomweight stretch denim royal fabric for the shorts from Jo-Ann. All the stars were Wrights iron on appliques and already made Wrights bias tape was used. We used Dritz half ball cover buttons, you can use these buttons and easily cover them with fabric! For the notepads we bought a small notepad and pasted a red glitter craft foam on the cover and a cutout white paper heart on the right corner of the notepad. For the shoes we used red base shoes and paint them (also the laces) with a mixture of acrylic paint and textile medium. For the shoe laces we first painted, then heat seal after the paint dried, and then washed them. The socks were bought at amazon. The blue, white, and red sock cuffs goes around the ankles via Velcro.


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