Little Witch Academia

Worn: Otakon 2017

Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, Lotte Jansson, Sucy Manbavaran: Akko’s wig is from Arda. Lotte’s and Sucy’s wig is from eBay. Patterns made by Yuuri-K. Cape May Crepe Satin navy fabric from Jo-Ann was used for the hats, dress, and boot covers. Symphony Broadcloth Polyester Blend bubblegum pink fabric from Jo-Ann used for the lining. White shirts bought at H&M. Dark blue ribbon bought at Jo-Ann. Brown pleather painted red with acrylic paint and textile medium. Zipper was placed in front of the dress and back of boots. Hip belt attaches via Velcro. Foam and hard plastic sheet used for gold belt buckle. Brown and black pleather used for brooch. We used this witch hat tutorial. Wire and interface was used at the brim of the hat to hold shape. Craft foam, mod podge, and metallic gold acrylic paint was used for hat’s emblem. We followed this tutorial for the boot covers. Wands made by Dyire.




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