Lightning Returns

light_artWorn: Otakon 2013, Photoshoot 2014

Lightning Farron costume: For this costume I bought the same white and khaki poly cotton twill from the FFXIII default costume I made. I also bought Bijoux Faux Leather Textured Black which I mostly used as a backing for the craft foam. I used left over red velvet fabric I had in my fabric box for the lining, it was a pain to use velvet. Gloves are from my Sakura costume made from black metallic spandex. All the faux leather on the boot covers and arm straps are hand painted. I used silver decorative paper on the arm straps and smaller details on the belt. Knee armor, shoulder armor, belt, and lower half of the chest armor are craft foam. I closely looked into her small details from the references, it’s all mostly done by making indents to the craft foam with a pencil or raised detail with craft foam. I seal the craft foam with modpodge, then paint, and added varnish. For the shoulder strap and zippers in the front I used craft foam and added a different leather (taken from a bag) on top. The chest part I used cut out styro foam balls and covered it with a stretchy fabric then painted so it can harden. I used no pre-existing patterns, I made my own and I wish I had made the costume into separate parts. It’s a one piece costume! Thus it was hard to move around. In the future I’ll take more photos with small fixes to the costume. Sword is made out of insulation foam, craft foam, and pattern from Dyire. -Yuuri-C


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