Final Fantasy XIII


Worn: Photoshoot 2011, Otakon 2012, Photoshoot 2012

Oerba Dia Vanille costume: For my wig I got a very cheap wig that looked like a Sheryl Nome Wig (it was yellow with pink streaks). I added dark orange streaks with a sharpie. For the v1 top it’s made out of peach gauze and v2 top is made out of modal jersey knit pink and elastic band. For my skirt I used suede fabric and gradient dyed the skirt with acrylic paint. For the Butt-Cape/Weapon Holster I bought Faux Fur Solid Chocolate. I pleated it and added leather straps that has a buckle to wrap around me. The straps of the weapon holster is leather too and I have no idea what is the other light brown fabric I used for the rest of the weapon holster. For the beads I bought White Pukalet Wood Beads, 6mm white rondelle beads, 4mm dark brown beads(spacers), white opaque spagetti beads. I painted the majority of the beads. I used Sculpey to make the horns and silver long beads. I used dark brown elastic and leather wiring for the beads. The big fat bead in the middle was made out of Sculpey and then weathered. For the belt I used craft foam, hot glue, acrylic paint, and nail polish. For the backplate I used craft foam, hot glue, acrylic paint, and nail polish. I then connected it with the leather strings from the beading part from the front. The entire thing goes over my head. For the pink sash I used a medium pink colored fabric. It was pretty simple, and I wish I made it a bit longer. The beads in front of the skirt were hot glued to the sash. For the pouch I made the beads from Sculpey and painted them with acrylic paint. I found the silver button, leather strings, and fabric at home. Under the pouch is some random yellow cloth and I dyed it more bright. I painted the orange and green stripes with acrylic paint. To make the pouch look thick I added a piece of square foam inside. For the boots I painted black boots with butter yellow acrylic paint mixed with textile medium and I hot glued light brown faux fur on top. For the weapon I made her Pearlwing staff instead. I had to study the gameplay a lot to get small details. It was made of foam board and craft foam. For the earrings I made them out of silver Sculpey. For the necklaces, all three of them were made out of wires and craft foam and suede strings. -Yuuri-K

Serah Farron costume: I bought white gauze for the top (3 layers of pink and white organza for the side) and pink shimmer organza for the vest – all patterns were drafted by me. I bought a plaid fabric and added the gold design made from cardboard and wrapped with gold fabric and painted the buttons gold. Silver fabric leg straps are sew on to the stockings and the circular plate is made out of craft foam. The accessory for the hair is a tear drop I bought from Micheals. The wrist accessory I bought from K-Narek-Na. Arm strap is made out of elastic and painted leather from a purse. The necklace was bought from windofthestars. Earrings I made it out of sculpey. I bought army ankle boots which looked somewhat similar to Serah’s and painted the white parts. Boots bought at ebay: Boots. -Yuuri-C

Lightning Farron costume: I purchased white and khaki poly cotton twill (for jacket), Cordoba Vinyl Burgundy (leg bag), Premium broadcloth burgandy (cape), vinyl brown (boots) from, the rest are findings from my sewing box. The black arm glove is made from metallic spandex I had. A lot of hand painting done on the gloves and the skirt and most of the accessories I found at home like the buckles or are made out of craft foam and either hot glued on or I used krazy glue for more support. I used velcro for the bullet holders (made out of craft foam) onto the gloves. I drafted my own patterns, I looked at the high-res wallpapers of Lightning for details, and bags I owned to make Lightning’s leg bag. Some of the bag is hand sewn, it was a pain! Here’s a drawing tutorial I made for the bag: Lightning’s bag. The pauldron is made out of craft foam and I used shoe lace LED lights bought at ebay for a $1. The straps that hold the pauldron are made out of faux leather and painted green. The arm straps are also made out of craft foam. And the indents on the straps are made by pencil and I sew on details as well. Here’s a closer look: Arm straps. The boots I cut and added faux leather for the sides which I hand painted brown and tan. Then only sewed on the leather at the front tips of the cut boot. I also painted the heel parts silver mixed with textile medium. The rib knit shirt and skirt was bought from Courtoon (I painted the skirt black and brown). Jacket clasp made from Joy Mason. I borrowed the gunblade from starwarsgirl345~ -Yuuri-C