Untitled-1We watched the entire Fate/Zero series three times, it’s that good!

Worn: Otakon 2013, Katsucon2015

Saber/Arturia Pendragon costume: I bought a cheap hoopskirt off of ebay to go under her skirt and I cut it shorter. I drafted out my own patterns. The bodice, skirt, and long sleeve+under bust vest has a zipper to get in and out of it. The blue fabric I picked out of a pile that was unlabeled, it has some kind of sheen to it and it’s quite thick. The fabric for the white skirt and bodice is casa satin and lined with casa lining and interface. The scallops at the end of the white skirt and sleeves are satin stitched and gold diamonds (made from gold paint and fabric) were glued on the bottom of the dress. I made my own bias tape out of taffeta gold fabric sewn with gold metallic thread. I used La Mode gold buttons and stretchy gold string for the underbust vest thing. For her poofy sleeves I made my own “Jack O’Lantern” sleeve pattern, you can find an example here: Lantern Sleeve Pattern. To add a more poofy effect I added toilet paper inside. The armor boots were made out of sprayed painted craft foam (Mod Podge first) glued on to black leather boot covers with a zipper in the back. V2 armor boot covers made out of craft foam covered with faux leather. Then sprayed painted silver and varnished. Some progress pictures of the boots: 1 & 2. To see a tutorial I made for Saber’s wig look here: Saber wig tutorial. Details on the sword look here: 1 & 2. With the help of my dad we used wood, craft foam, spray paint, and acrylic paint for the sword. My bf helped make a sword pattern which we traced on the wood. -Yuuri-K

Irisviel von Einzbern costume: For the dress I used Simplicity 2400 pattern B and customized it. The skirt part consist of three skirts all sewn to the top. The main fabric I purchased was a soft silky type jersey from a fabric/bridal store in my hometown. I adore the fabric softness, but I do not know the actual name of the fabric. I used interface for the sleeves so it can hold up and the gold bias tape is top stitched so is the semi-sweetheart neckline, I think it turned out quite well. Most of the gold is Wright’s metallic bias tape from Jo-Ann and I added a different beaded gold bias tape on the waist for embellishment. -Yuuri-C