Saber & Rin artWorn: Otakon 2014, Katsucon 2015

Saber/Arturia Pendragon costume: This comfortable costume was made within two days of work. I used fabrics from my fabric box, a dark navy and off-white fabric (feels like bottomweight fabric). I modified a Simplicity 1941 pattern for the long-sleeve shirt and I made my own pattern (based on the EVA school uniform) for the skirt. The skirt has eyelets and a royal blue ribbon tied on the back. The tied ribbon on the collar is attached via Velcro. Wig styling can be found here. Boots and panty hose were store bought. -Yuuri-K

Rin Tohsaka costume: This costume was easy and fun to make. I used this site to help me start on the skirt. The fabric I used for the skirt is black rodeo bottomweight fabric from Jo-Ann. I love how the pleats stay in place when ironed. The red top is jersey knit. For the cross I used the same fabric as Irisviel’s dress and heat n’ bond the cross to the shirt. The wig was teased inside to make it more poof. I also added wefts from a separate wig to the twintails and I later added more to the back of the wig. The weft on each side has strings to tie around the already made twintails. I then sewed the strings closer to the wig to make it more secure. The necklace was made out of Super Sculpey, I used the xacto knife for the cutting and the indents, nail polish for the red color, and acrylic paints for the silver, and finished it with varnish. Shoes were store bought and thigh highs were bought at ebay. -Yuuri-C


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