Evangelion 3.0

Untitled-3We’re big fans of anything Evangelion!

Worn: Katsucon 2013, Otakon 2012, Photoshoot 2012

Rei plugsuit: Plugsuits are hard to make, but this one in particular was easier than the ones I’ve made before due to the design and fabric I chose. For the main black fabric I used 4-way stretch matte metallic spandex bought from spandexworld.com. It’s a very stretchy fabric and easy to use. I spread the black fabric on the floor, I laid on top of it, so that my sister can trace my body from neck to toe. I used the piece she traced and made another piece which was slightly bigger for the back of my body. Keep enough space for the shoes if you want to add wedges (later on I glued the fabric to the bottom of the shoe). I sew the front and back pieces together, keep sewing until it’s really tight. I placed a zipper in the back. For the design at the rib, I cut the design on the suit and then added spacer. I then added the green design (from a plastic folder) with hot glue. For the oval in the middle I cut out an oval on the fabric and then added craft foam with fabric on top, painted it black, and glued on the red oval thing made out of sculpey. I cut and then added fabric between the cut metallic fabric to make it look like a cord in the middle. It looked like this without the sleeves. The arms came next, I used gray jersey knit fabric for the sle eves, same spandex for the rest, and white neoprene for the palm of the hands. I cut out two same designs for the shoulder armor using the matte metallic spandex and spacer. Before sewing the spacer and metallic fabric together I glued the triangle design (craft foam) on the back of the metallic spandex to make the indent design. The spacer makes it padded so it makes the shoulder armor look more 3D. Then I sew the fabrics together inside out, once I was done I turned it over and hand sew onto the already attached sleeves to the suit. The red backpack straps are cotton and hand painted red. I also added craft foam craft foam inside the straps to make it look more 3D . Then I hand sew it onto the suit. The collar is also craft foam shaped roll or pointy and covered with dark red painted vinyl and hand sew onto the collar. The back pack on the back is made out of insulation foam and craft foam and covered with same fabric used for the straps. It’s connected by magnets halfway. The top half is hand sewn onto my suit. Honestly, the backpack I would redo and add velcro instead of magnets. The black stripes are hand painted (using textile medium mixed with black paint) by my sister while I was wearing the plugsuit. The designs on the knee and hand I used black dimensional fabric paint. The chest is cut out styrofoam balls in half and hand sewn at the side where the straps touch. -Yuuri-C

Asuka plugsuit: I used a Daniela wig and added pumpkin orange wefts, base wig bought at international wigs. I added more orange to the wig with prismacolor marker. I’m not sure when I’ll ever write construction notes, but the red vinyl and white spacer fabric was bought from spandexworld.com. The purple vinyl fabric was bought at mjtrends. For details ont the costume I used a plethora of materials such as craftfoam, cardboarp, tulip fabric paint, platic tube, jewel, sharpies, acrylic paint, etcetera. -Yuuri-K


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