Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

Untitled-5We fansubbed this anime back when it was airing. It was our first made costume and prop!

Worn: Otakon 2010

July costume: I modified a bought button sleeve shirt and pants. The bow and beret were made from maroon felt. Mao (the squirrel) was modified from an existing squirrel plush. Suspenders, knee socks, and shoes were bought. -Yuuri-K

Suou costume: The meteor core jewel was a lucky find at Micheals and I added the black string. I used shorts I owned. The jacket, messenger bag, and shirt my sister helped me with. I don’t know the fabric name for the jacket and the messenger bag is maroon felt. I used a black shirt I had, heat n bond white fabric then draw and cut out the face design. After that step, the design is iron on to the shirt. I dyed the shoe laces and added the white strips with heat n bond. The PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle took about three days to do with the help of my dad and sis. The only thing missing is the bipod, but I decided not to make it. Materials used: PVC pipes, wood, cardboard, fabric, nails, Burt’s Bee cap, hot glue, paper clip, black&brown spray paint cans, gray acrylic paint, craft foam, sand paper, electric saw, table saw, sanding machine(faster job than using a sand paper), special type of glue for the pvc pipes, and caulk to fill the cracks. Closer look at the tank rifle progress: image1 image2 -Yuuri-C


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