Worn: MAGFest 2015

Merida costume: I got my wig from ebay. I brushed it out some, cut some strands shorter, cut side burns, grabbed some of the front wig hairs and tied a small ponytail on the back, and cut a side bang and sprayed. For the dress I used double napped flannel dusty blue fabric and modified a McCall’s M4490 C pattern: 1,2,3,4. There’s a short zipper on the back of my dress. For the underskirt, sleeves, & ruffles I cut up a cheap white pleated long chiffon dress. The sleeves were tea dyed using Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea. I gathered tulle and sewed them at the sides of my underskirt to get a bit of more hips.  I cut out holes with scissors and pulled the cord through with pincers on top of the dress: 1,2,3. For the cape I believe I used Anti Pill Fleece in Charcoal Grey and the fabric is very soft and warm. I drafted out my own pattern and made the hood big enough for the massive wig to fit inside: 1&2. The cape attaches via hooks and eyes. The brooch was made out of Super Sculpey, painted with brown metallic acrylic paint first, then gold metallic acrylic paint, weathered with a dry brush and black paint, wipe of excess, and then varnished. It was then sewn on to the cape. For the arm wrap I used a strip of brown faux leather and made my own pattern. You can see how it looks unwrapped and wrapped. It stays attached via safety-pin. For the boots I used old brown boots I own. For the quiver I used brown and tan faux leather. I made a roundish shape out of cardboard as the base and wrapped my cut out leather around it, hot glued them to place, and then hand sewn. I painted the tan a little darker with metallic brown acrylic paint. For the design on top of the quiver I hand drew it with black sharpie and the rest of the smaller details was done by hand sewing. For the belt I used tan faux leather and painted darker. For the arrows this tutorial helped me: link. For the bow I used pine wood. I printed out a pattern and traced it onto the wood. With the help of my dad he cut out the shape with a jigsaw and smooth it round with a belt sander and a rotary tool. I hot glued on beadings and strips of faux leather. I made the round pendant out of Super Sculpey (painted similarly as my brooch) and wrapped with deerskin lace around the bow. I wrapped rocks I found in my backyard with deerskin lace as well. The bear designs on the bow I used a pattern from plua @ deviantart. I printed the pattern and taped on to the bow. I then carved using a X-Acto knife by tracing on top of the pattern. Then I took off the printed pattern and retraced and filled in with colored pencils. For the bowstring I found a random black cord lying around in my attic. -Yuuri-K

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