Big Hero 6

bighero6Worn: Katsucon 2015

Honey Lemon: The glasses were bought here and painted with acrylic paint. I bought a nice shade of blonde wig here. I’ll probably add wefts in the future to make the wig fuller. The headband was bought here and modified. The cardigan was bought here and I added strawberry buttons. The skirt I made using stretch knit fabric and painted on the flowers using my own stencil and acrylic paint mixed with lots of textile medium. For the petal-looking collar I used stretchy faux leather. The polka dot pantyhose were perfect! I got them here. I made the orange socks with orange stretch knit fabric. The heels I bought at eBay for a cheap price and they were originally black. So I added the straps and painted everything with many coats of acrylic paint mixed with  textile medium. I made the bag with faux leather and added poms and used Tulip’s dimensional fabric paint for the details. -Yuuri-C

GoGo Tomago: My wig was bought at eBay and I sewed on purple wefts from a heat-resistant purple wig I had lying around. My sister cut out slits on my grey capri tights when I was wearing them. I got them at ebay. For the dolphin style shorts I used my sister’s Sakura costume (shiny black spandex). I made my own red bias tape from a stretchy red fabric and sewed them on top of the shorts. I dyed teal pantyhose with purple acrylic paint mixed with textile medium, surprisingly still comfy. For the midriff jacket I modified a cheap Papaya jacket I bought. Purple and white sweatbands were bought at ebay and modified. I made my fingerless gloves out of black faux leather and painted on the details with silver Tulip’s dimensional fabric paint. I get them on and off with the help of Velcro at one side of the glove. I have not found accurate shoes so I used black sneakers I had at home. -Yuuri-K

Hiro Hamada: Wig was bought at eBay. The Old Navy cargo shorts were bought at ebay. The Hanes blue hoodie (style D049) was bought at eBay as well. The on sale Converse All Star high-top sneakers for kids was bought at Kohl’s. We added the sneakers’ details with T-shirt transfer paper and heat ‘n bond. The red base shirt was bought at Jo-Ann and we added the robot design (we found the design at DeviantArt) on the shirt with T-shirt transfer paper.

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